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The Mary Macarthur Home, Poulton Le Fylde, Lancashire (Post Card)
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The Trust was created in 1922 and all those associated with it are proud of its long record of service. In carrying out the objects of the Trust the Management Committee is always conscious that they should act to meet the ideals of the woman whose name the Trust bears – Mary Macarthur.

Mary Macarthur was born in Ayr in 1880 the daughter of a draper. Joining the Shop Assistants’ Union in 1901 she was elected the President of its Scottish District Council within a year. In 1903 she moved to London and became General Secretary of the Women’s Trade Union League. She helped to form the National Federation of Women Workers in 1906 and was its President for the first two years. She served as its General Secretary from 1908 to 1921 when it was merged with what is now the GMB, shortly before her tragic early death.

In 1916 with the help of the National Federation and the General Unions, she successfully secured an amendment to the Munitions Act. This required that women should receive the same rate of pay as men when carrying out men’s work and led to the establishment of the first national minimum rate in the engineering industry. This was only one of her many triumphs. In 1918 she was an unsuccessful candidate in the parliamentary election for the constituency of Stourbridge. One of the reasons for her failure was that although well known as Mary Macarthur she had to use her married name of Mary Anderson. In 1911 she had married Will Anderson who was himself a Member of Parliament from 1914. When her husband died in the influenza epidemic in 1919 Mary was left to bring up their four year old daughter.

During the First World War she worked tirelessly for the employed and unemployed and, at the invitation of Queen Mary, became Honorary Secretary of the Central Committee of Women’s Unemployment. Her life was dedicated to helping the disadvantaged to help themselves. She died at Golders Green on 1 January 1921.

Before her death Mary Macarthur had often expressed concern that the “tired working women”, with whom she came into contact, had no hope of respite or of a holiday. Her hope was that a holiday home could be opened to which they could go for a period of rest.

After her death a memorial fund was started as the Mary Macarthur Holiday Homes for Working Women and within a few months the first home “The Gables” was opened at High Ongar in Essex. The Gables and subsequent ‘homes’ at Stanstead, Littlehampton and Poulton-le-Fylde flourished.

In 1991 the Committee of Management realised that the income of the Trust was insufficient to maintain a holiday centre which matched modern needs and expectations. They therefore decided they should find an alternative way of providing for women in need which they were confident respected Mary Macarthur’s original intentions and would have met with her approval. The remaining home at Poulton-le-Fylde was sold and the proceeds of sale invested. The name of the charity was changed to the Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust and since then the income and donations have been used to provide holidays for working and working age women and thus to serve a real area of need.

Since 1991, the new Mary Macarthur Holiday Trust has achieved the provision of a holiday of their choice for There can be no doubt that the unique place that the Mary Macarthur Homes held in the area of social responsibility, and the memory of Mary Macarthur herself, are perpetuated through the Trust Fund.

Her aim “to fight, to struggle, to right the wrong” so that those in need might hope for better things is continued today in the fulfilment of her dream to provide the respite needed by women.

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SC unemployment figures or the jobless figures for the US state of South Carolina continue to worry the experts. Yes, it seems that the situation might be improving, but they feel that it is not enough. For instance, according to the figures released in May the unemployment rate has come down for the fourth straight month, but it has again gone up in June. While in May it was 10.5 percent, in June the SC unemployment rate has gone up again to 11 percent. This means that every tenth person you meet is without a job. This, of course, is too scary to comprehend. Do keep in mind that the national average was 9.7 percent in May, and the state now ranks seventh in the jobless rate behind Nevada, Michigan, California, Rhode Island, Florida and Mississippi. Naturally, the SC Unemployment Office is trying to help all those who are without a job in several ways.

Getting Help Through Sces.org

The website www.sces.org, which is run by the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce, offers workforce services, job opportunities and unemployment benefits for all those who are without a job, and are looking for financial stability. This SC unemployment website helps people find answers to seven critical questions. These questions are the following.

* Am I eligible for unemployment insurance?
* How do I register for work?
* How do I list a job?
* What services are available for veterans?
* How do I get training?
* What is WIA?
* How do I find work?

Many of those who have lost their jobs often need to be re-trained to enhance the chances of getting a job because some of their old jobs would not be available for some time. So, SC unemployment help also includes finding ways in which people can be trained. Besides, information is also offered on the various training providers. The department arranges financial aid for such training as well. This is indeed quite important because most jobless people cannot fund their training. If you decide to change your career, then career counseling, of course, becomes absolutely important. The department offers this as well when you are out of work.

SC Unemployment Office Locations

The address of the main office of South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce is:

1550 Gadsden Street
P.O. Box 995
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

Apart from this, offices are located across the state in the different counties as well.

SC Unemployment Insurance

Unemployment insurance assumes huge importance, particularly in these troubled times. If you are covered by this, you will receive supplemental income on the event of a job loss. However, you must remember that you become eligible only if you have been laid off, and not fired from your job. Unemployment insurance coverage ensures that you will receive your unemployment checks, and you will also receive money to pay off your bills when you do not have a job. SC unemployment insurance becomes absolutely critical, if you have a home or if you have a family to run.

The website scesonline.com offers SC unemployment help for all those who are looking for a job, or any kind of unemployment assistance such as insurance, training, financial aid and more. Please visit the website for more information.

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